Thursday, February 09, 2006

Divide 40 KG Stone

Puzzle: Divide 40 Kg Stone into 4-Pieces such that using
4-Pieces we can measure the all weights from 1 to 40 (only integer values).

I took half day to solve this problem.

As you have stated the puzzle, a solution is not possible. Please provide more details on the method of weighing.

I assume you mean weighing using a balance, where you can put the unknown mass (which you want to determine) on one side, and put any combination of stones on either side of the balance ?
Thanks for your comment.

We can put stones both sides of balance
anonymous said:
> As you have stated the puzzle,
> a solution is not possible.

You're wrong. The weights 1, 3, 9 and 27 work perfectly fine.
Hello Pradeep,

Maybe you can guide us: do you want people to not post answers? Are you interested in programs that solve the puzzles? I solved the 40kg puzzle in Lisp. What languages are other people using?
Yes! I am interested in solving puzzles programmatically.

Please post your code in lisp. I am familiar with C++ so i will try to convert your code to C/C++.
wats the answer to this problem??
can someone kindly explain :S
The answer is 1,3,9,27
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